ASSIST is a turnkey Education Management System for virtual or in-person teaching and learning.

Online Education Management System ASSIT

A Complete Online Education Management System

The ASSIST Learning Experience Platform is an online Education Management Information System that offers academic institutions an integrated platform to connect teaching and learning through:

ASSIST saves school leaders time and money by providing a single, streamlined system. This makes information that was historically accessed through disparate systems available at a glance, through a unified platform.

ASSIST brings together all elements a district or school system utilizes to support teaching and learning:

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Curriculum Management

Provides seamless curriculum hosting and single sign-on and curriculum integration capabilities. Course, section, and grade book management are included. Administrative reporting features can compile information from all student data. Established integrated content is included. Everything is accessible anytime from any device. A highly secure single environment is ensured.

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Student Management (SIS)

Streamlines the admissions process, customized school applications streamline scheduling to track school-wide activities and dates, simplifies and centralizes payments and accounting, and provides hassle-free and automatic official records and transcripts. A parent portal gives parents access to essential information about their children, a secure communication system organizes all messages in a single location, and all the vital tools for school accreditation support are right there. In addition, administrators can assign staff privileges depending on roles with systematic user levels, take advantage of a flexible and functional district-level option, and serve a diverse community with user language preferences and translation.

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Learning Management

Delivers and streamlines many functions: Individualized learning plans, course completion certificates, resource sharing and collaboration, self-paced study, record keeping, clear graduation road maps, enrollment management, and comprehensive grade-level content.

Your Next Education Management Information System

Educators created the ASSIST Education Management Information System for virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face teachers and administrators. Our award-winning platform saves administrators and teachers valuable time by providing a single entry point for all necessary administrative and teaching tools.

ASSIST also provides parents access to their student’s academic information and allows students to take control of their education with easy-to-find access to grades, content, educational resources, and more. Learn more about user features and capabilities.

The ASSIST user credential system is a hierarchical user interface, which allows for additional security and accessibility for each user, further personalizing the user experience.

Everything with the ASSIST Education Management Information System is customizable to meet the needs of its partners. Everything is customized to address the implementation and support for each partner, from the application to the departments, curriculum, courses, and learning plans. Education partners design their school, their way.

ASSIST has a team of consultants and industry experts to guide each implementation to ensure success, and provides technical support for all stakeholders.

digital solutions for educators

ASSIST Mobile App

We have a teacher and student mobile version of ASSIST. Like the ASSIST Platform on the web, ASSIST Mobile allows teachers to access their online classes, communicate with the students, parents, and staff, monitor progress, and upload resources to students — anytime, anywhere.

The ASSIST app is designed to be easy to use but powerful enough to cover all aspects of the teacher’s journey. Best of all, students expand their learning and access their courses all from the palm of their hand.

Some of our Popular Platform Features

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Fully Integrated System

A complete, easy-to-use, online course delivery system

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Web and Mobile Delivery

Preview Administrator capabilities and features.

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Flexible Programming

Students can start and complete coursework at any time of the year.

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Complete Course Catalog

Course management and delivery for teachers, students, and administrators

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Calendar & Planning

Quick access to an integrated calendar for course planning and instructional support

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Reports/Progress Monitor

Robust reports and dashboard for immediate progress review

ASSIST Instructional Models

With a robust and comprehensive approach to serving onsite and online learning systems, the ASSIST platform is a diverse and flexible solution to an array of instructional delivery models. The program is being implemented worldwide in the following delivery methods:

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Flex Schools

With ASSIST online programming, education institutions can supply students with all the content needed to run a fully-accredited US high school from any existing location. ASSIST instructional content is completely digital and meets graduation requirements, thus enabling institutions to offer a general education diploma or a college preparatory program.

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Blended/Hybrid Schools

Education programs can complement their face-to-face instruction with ASSIST’s online digital content and offer supplemental activities, assessments, and remediation. The platform accommodates both environments at any level of blended learning.

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Virtual Schools

Students can take single courses, full course loads, or their entire high school program through the ASSIST Education accredited school — Advantages Middle East. In addition, academic partners can take advantage of this feature by offering additional programming to their students

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Franchise Schools

Academic programs looking to expand or develop schools in multiple locations have an avenue to quickly implement their US academic program by partnering with Advantages Middle East. It is fully accredited for grades K-12. This approach offers a franchise school with the content of the ASSIST Education Management System and a virtual school experience.

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School Within a School

Established academic institutions and schools can expand their program offerings where courses or access to teaching staff may be limited due to resources, location or budget. Leveraging ASSIST and Advantages Middle East, schools can broaden their academic programs virtually. Embed CTE programs, Credit Recovery, Summer School, Foreign Languages or even expand into full grade levels outside of your own accreditation.

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Full Grade Level in School

ASSIST Education can also expand education programs into grade levels currently unavailable at a particular school. Advantages Middle East leverages the ASSIST platform with a fully accredited K-12 education system and content that can increase academic offerings to attract more students and engage current enrollment with more choices.

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Ministry of Education / District Level

Through the ASSIST education content, management capabilities and the fully accredited school – Advantages Middle East, ASSIST Education can support an organization’s reach. ASSIST allows education systems to seamlessly manage all schools, staff, students and any selected content from a single location. Plus, ASSIST is translated into multiple languages to further support international clients.


How do I transfer my data from my current system to ADLS?
We want to make it easy for you to transfer current data to the new system. CSV, or tab files can be created with the help of ADLS to make transferring your information seamless and comfortable.
Can I have a login portal from my school website?
ADLS will work with your school to accommodate a log in from your website. A technical guide will be published to show you how to do this yourself.
Can I have student applications on my school website?
Enrolling students should be accommodating for the school and parent. ADLS will use e-enrolling to eliminate cumbersome and expensive paper enrollment forms.
Is ADLS customizable? Can I have my school’s logo on the transcripts?
ADLS is completely customizable to your school. You can upload your own logo and it will be used in your official transcripts.
Am I able to do mass upload of students, courses, and sections?
Large numbers of students can be batch uploaded with ADLS. Files can be created independently or with the help of ADLS to make large student or section uploads possible.
Is my data secure on ADLS?
Yes, your data is projected in two modes: in transit via secure socket layer 7 (SSL) and at rest by database encryption.
How quickly can our school implement ADLS?
ADLS can be up and running within 24 hours.
What kind of support can I expect?
ADLS will support your implementation of our product. We are here to make your experience positive and comfortable from phone to email support.
Where is ADLS hosted?
ADLS is hosted on AWS.
How long will my data be stored?
Your data will be stored for the entire duration of your contract with ADLS and up to one calendar year afterward.
Does ADLS have a notification system? Can I get notifications to my phone?
You can choose to have notifications sent to you in multiple ways. Through your ADLS profile you can select your choice of notification devices.
Can I access ADLS on any device?
Yes, ADLS can be accessed via your phone, tablet or computer.
Do parents have access to ADLS?
Parents are a crucial part of our support team. Each parent will have a portal that links with their student(s). Parents can see assignments, calendar and teacher notifications via their portal. Parents can also update medical information and email their students teachers from their portal.
Do we have to pay for parent/mentor access?
Parents/mentors do not have to pay to access ADLS.
As a district admin, do I have direct access to all of my schools?
District personnel will have direct access to all the information in all of their districts schools, making oversight and school accountability direct and convenient.
Can you turn off features that we do not need?
Your school or district can work with ADLS to customize features on their customized portal platform.

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