La Senda Global Academy offers premium, US curriculum education services to schools, organizations, and individual families. We support students in grades K-12 of all skill levels and backgrounds. We empower schools with digital curriculum and an open platform for complete differentiation and customization.

Are online schools effective?

Academically, online school students score 15-30% higher on standardized tests than their traditional school counterparts.  Online schools students also participate in sports, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities.  Online and home educated students also tend to have higher college and university GPAs than conventional students.

Socially and emotionally, numerous studies have indicated that online school students have fewer behavioral issues, higher quality friendships, and better relationships with their parents and other adults.  Furthermore, surveys of adults who were educated in non-traditional schools find that that they are happier, more confident, and more optimistic than their traditionally educated peers.

How does La Senda Global Academy support students who prefer to come to a learning center?

Success Centers offer a wholesome 4-day a week learning center experience grades K-12.  Highly talented teachers provide coaching and mentorship to students while guiding them through their online lessons.

Success center students will have access to weekly recreational activities, clubs, and events.  Most importantly, they will develop friendships through social interaction in a wholesome and safe learning environment.

What does a typical school day look like for a 6th grade student?
One of the advantages of online education is, there’s no such thing as typical. Families are empowered with the freedom and flexibility to structure their school day the way they see fit.
For families who choose to follow a structured schedule, our teachers will have a morning assembly each day followed by a daily schedule of subject material in 45-minute sessions. Lunch time and an afternoon assembly are also a part of the daily schedule along with teacher check-ins and support.
Who Are The Teachers?

La Senda Global Academy has assembled a talented team of highly qualified educated professionals to facilitate online lessons while empowering our students with the skills and confidence they will need throughout their academic careers and life.

Is this program accredited?

La Senda Global Academy in partnership with Advantages School International is fully accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvanEd)

Is the program licensed by KHDA?
La Senda Global Academy is licensed, in the Emirate of Sharjah, as an online provider of education and educational support activities.
What happens if I want to transfer my child to a new school?
If a family decides to transfer their student, La Senda Global Academy will provide the family with their official transcript and transfer certificate. The new school will request a Transfer Equivalency Certificate from the UAE governing authority for admission.
ADVANTAGES School International is a fully accredited, internationally recognized school. It is also sanctioned by the Nevada State Board of Education in the US.
Will a La Senda Global Academy high school diploma allow my child to get accepted into university?

Graduates from La Senda Global Academy are accepted into colleges and universities all over the world.  La Senda Global Academy meets all international standards including international accreditation (Cognia) and sanctioning by a local governing authority (Nevada Board of Education in the United States).  ASI university acceptance.

How long has ADVANTAGES School International been open?

ADVANTAGES School International was founded in 2007.  In 16 years, we have educated nearly 95,000 students and over 10,000 have earned their high school diploma with us.

What is the difference between ADVANTAGES School International and La Senda Global Academy?
ADVANTAGES School International is an accredited online school based in the US state of Nevada. Transcripts and diplomas come from ASI.
La Senda Global Academy provides a range of education services, including admission into ASI. Furthermore, we have enhanced the ASI program to meet the needs of students in the regions we serve.
What about activities and events?
La Senda Global Academy offers online clubs, recreation, and sports in partnership with local providers. We offer swimming, track and field, basketball, various performing arts, and more.
Furthermore, we arrange monthly field trips and quarterly family gatherings.
How long do we have to complete our assignments?
Although some assignments have deadlines, La Senda Global Academy staff works closely with our students to ensure successful completion of lessons.
Students can work at their own pace with the support of our attentive staff.
Are teachers available and easily accessible?
Absolutely! Our teachers are required to login and be present from Monday – Thursday. Teachers can be reached via chat or email. When required, our teachers will be happy to conference with you. Live classes are also held once each week.
Are the credits from my previous school transferrable?
Our registrar’s office will evaluate your transcript and portfolio to determine which courses will be accepted.
How is the customer service at La Senda Global Academy?

La Senda Global Academy offers unmatched support to parents and students alike. It all begins with a consultation prior to enrollment. We will discuss your short term and long term plans in order to customize your child’s enrollment to meet your family’s situation. Parents will also find dedicated resources both in the Middle East and in the United States to ensure a successful outcome for your student.

How do you ensure the quality of the curriculum?
La Senda Global Academy is fully supported by a world class education team based in the United States. Curriculum content is regularly assessed and updated against student outcomes to ensure quality and desired outcomes.