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You are cordially invited to apply for participation as Student Ambassador from your home country in the

International Youth
Leadership Summit

About the International Youth Leadership Summit

What is it?

The International Youth Leadership Summit is a 2-hour virtual event to be held on Sunday, December 10 from 9-11am (New York Time). 18 Student Ambassadors from 6-8 nations, will be selected for participation.
Student Ambassadors will select one of 30 articles pf human rights written into the International Declaration of Human Rights. In a virtual small group setting, students will discuss ways to ensure their chosen right is met for people across the world.

Activities and Events

What is the fee for the International Youth Leadership Summit?

The International Youth Leadership Summit is FREE of charge. This event will be held via Zoom and selected candidates sent a Zoom link along with their notification of acceptance.

Who is eligible to participate?

Male and female students ranging from grades 6 (Year 7) to grade 12 (Year 13) are eligible to participate. Student ambassadors must complete the application prior to the deadline on December 3.

Are students allowed to discuss one of the current conflicts taking place in the world?

The purpose of the Youth Leadership Summit is for students to explore ways to defend and strengthen human rights to make a better future for all citizens of the earth. Discussions on a particular conflict or political situation are strictly prohibited. Any discussion that criticizes, insults, or offends a government, political organization, or citizens of a particular nation, religion, ethnic group, or political faction is strictly prohibited.

How will student delegates benefit?

Will parents be able to watch the program?

Final presentations will be live-streamed and parents and family from around the world can tune in.

How do I apply to be a student ambassador?


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