Self-paced digital lessons and warm, caring teachers ensure skill mastery while building confidence and instilling a love of learning for long-term success.

Our fully accredited online elementary school, La Senda Global Academy, provides an online education for students in grades K-5. We are at the forefront of innovation for online learning.

Online Learning Sample Day– Grades K-5

La Senda Global Academy offers our grade K-5 students the option of attending a structured school day. Lessons are mostly self-directed and asynchronous. However, their “live” teacher will be on hand daily to support students when needed. Morning and afternoon assemblies are held over Zoom and led by the teacher.

The structured school day option is completely optional. Students can attend as often or as little as they prefer

Online learning sample grades k 5

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Online School Grades K-5 in UAE
Online School Grades K-5

Warm and Caring Teachers

La Senda Global Academy provides highly qualified teachers to help facilitate your child's online education. Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers to develop a collaborative learning environment that ensures student success.
Our teacher also supports parents (or tutors) with coursework questions and access to additional materials to facilitate home learning.

Why choose La Senda Global Academy ?


Fully accredited

La Senda Global Academy is fully accredited and globally recognized.

Student Centric

Student Centric

Students work in a self-paced environment and at an academic level that is best suited for them.

Flexible Programming

Flexible Programming

Students can start and complete coursework at any time of the year.



La Senda Global Academy offers a premium quality & accredited education with affordable prices.

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Students can access coursework anytime, anywhere. Internet connection is all that is required.

Dynamic Curriculum

Dynamic Curriculum

Multiple modalities for learning, interactive curriculum.

World Class Support 02

World Class Support

La Senda Global Academy have a dedicated "live" team for students & families to ensure that your needs are met.

Academic Coaching Available

Academic Coaching Available

Consistent monitoring, scheduling, and engagement rather than hyper-focusing on urgent weekly tasks.

Success Center 01

Success Center

La Senda Global Academy offers face to face tutoring, social interactions, weekly activities, and field trips & more.

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Our world-class academic program is available to students everywhere. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stanford and many other amazing schools have accepted our students.

Texas A&M and many other amazing schools have accepted our students.

Harvard and many other amazing schools have accepted our students.